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The Tarot Gathering is an exciting new format that we’re super-excited to be offering as a new tarot party option, where the focus is on teaching you and your friends how to do tarot readings for themselves or each other. At The Tarot Gathering, up to 8 guests will gather around your dining room table and get hands-on insight and learn fun techniques you can start using immediately, from a tarot pro with years of experience readings for thousands of people! Prices for The Tarot Gathering are the same as our regular party rates, which are shown below.


HOURLY RATE:  $100/hour/reader (Certain Readers’ fees are higher: Charise, Rhonda, and Heatherleigh are $120 per hour). Hourly parties require a two-hour minimum. Readers will collect payment from the host/ess for hourly parties, not from individual guests. Parties must be paid in cash, or can be pre-paid by credit card. A deposit of $50-60 (depending on your Reader), plus the $15 travel fee (applicable to all off-site events) is required in order to confirm your date. Reading times can be adjusted to accommodate from four to eight guests.


At a two-hour party, for example:

Four people can have readings of about 30 minutes each

Six people can have readings of about 20 minutes each

Eight people can have readings of about 15 minutes each

Please note: All your guests must have the same length of reading. This keeps things easier for everyone, prevents your guests from getting impatient, and ensures your Reader can focus on her interaction with your guests, not on watching a clock.

For parties of more than eight guests, we recommend that you book a longer party. For large gatherings (15 people or more), or special events (reunions, wedding receptions, parties where there will be other entertainment, or where you are unsure the number of guests who might want a reading), we can send additional Readers, and/or do shorter readings, ensuring that as many guests as possible will be accommodated. Not sure how many readers you’ll need, or how long to book? Our staff are party experts; we will be happy to help you determine what the best fit is for your specific event.

If you need the Reader to stay a little longer, you can choose to extend the party by half- or full-hour increments. We’ll help you decide if you need this option when you call us to book your event. To avoid ‘overtime’ charges, estimate your time accurately and keep the party moving with as little ‘down time’ as possible between readings.

BOOKING YOUR PARTY:  As soon as you have decided on a party date, call the Boston Tea Room to confirm your date. At least two weeks notice is needed to ensure getting the date you have in mind. However, your date is not guaranteed until your deposit is received. Call Early! Any party booked less than 10 days in advance is subject to a late fee of $35 in addition to all other fees.

PAYMENT:  We must receive your deposit (cash or credit card) in advance to guarantee your date. The amount of your deposit includes all fees such as travel and late booking fees (where applicable), and an amount equal to up to half of the total amount due. The balance is due on the date of the party.

TRAVEL FEES: There is a flat rate travel fee of $15 for ALL off-site events within our travel area, which includes locations within a 40-minute drive of Ferndale.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellations must be received during regular business hours AND at least 48 hours in advance. Your deposit may be forfeited if you do not give advance notice or it may be applied to a later date at the discretion of the Tea Room.


ON THE DAY OF THE PARTY: IMPORTANT! Prepare an area for each Reader as follows:

  • A place that is quiet and private, if possible
  • Two sturdy chairs (the chair for the Reader should be padded for comfort)
  • A sturdy table (a card or dining table is ideal— lower tables won’t work)
  • Good lighting for the Reader
  • Adequate heating or cooling
  • Something to drink—bottled water is fine. (Please note that our Readers are not permitted to consume alcohol while on duty.)

Readers are NOT required to stay if their reading area is not suitable—and you will lose your deposit.

CAN’T HAVE A PARTY AT HOME?  Boston Tea Room in Ferndale is happy to host groups of up to 15 guests. Availability is limited, and advance notice is required. Fees vary.


The Boston Tea Room goes to great lengths to ensure your party will run smoothly. We have searched for the best psychics available. So go ahead, call us today, invite your friends, and have a great time exploring the future together!


special-events-btrThe Boston Tea Room also offers a variety of services for special events, including those listed below.  For more information, please contact us!

smudgeHome Blessing

The purpose of a Home Blessing is to cleanse any lingering energy or negativity that may have been left behind by previous occupants, to set an intention for the home’s current inhabitants, and to generally make the space more comfortable and positive for all. This is ideal for new homes where there has recently been a shift in energy due to life upheaval, trauma, or when you just need an energetic boost.
$125 + $15 travel fee


Spirit Cleansing

If you feel like your home holds heavier negative energy, spirits or ghosts, you will want to book a Spirit Cleansing. A trained medium will come to your home or business and help you identify the nature of your disturbance, assess what action will need to be taken, and employ the needed techniques.
$150 + $15 travel fee

Each session takes between one and two hours.

Other Special Events

Corporate Events,Charity Fundraisers,Wedding Services, and More