Boston Tea Room Readers

Our readers are experienced, caring professionals.  They are carefully selected and screened to provide the best readings available anywhere–at any price. Although one reader is not better than another they do have different styles so after a few visits you may have a personal favorite. Please note: though many of our Readers have regular schedules, they also do take time off occasionally, so if there is a specific Reader you’d like to see, PLEASE call ahead to confirm their availability. The hours listed are subject to change at any time.



Heatherleigh Navarre is a psychic medium, ordained minister, and meditation coach, as well as a teacher of tarot, mediumship, and psychic development. She combines her knowledge of tarot, spirit communication, dream interpretation, tea leaves, past life regression and more, to bring a customized approach to every session. Her readings are ideal for anyone seeking an engaged and creative way forward in their work life, relationships, or spiritual journey. She is also the founder of Middlepath Meditation, which provides group meditations and weekly classes, and the co-founder of the Detroit Area Tarot Guild. She lectures and teaches on a variety of topics, throughout southeast Michigan, and across the country.



Charise was honing her skills as a psychic in New Orleans before hiring in at the Boston Tea Room back in 2005. Charise is great at getting into people’s heads. She’s is medically intuitive, often able to get down to the root(s) of a health problem a client faces, both physical and emotional. Charise reads tarot, tea leaves, chakra, palms, psychometry, and picture readings. Call to check her availability.



Rhonda has practiced her intuitive and spiritual gifts in central and south-eastern Michigan for years before she came to the Tea Room in 1996. At the Tea Room, Rhonda uses tarot, crystal ball, tea leaves, palmistry, psychometry, spirit, picture reading and numerology and has built a devoted clientele. As a talented instructor, Rhonda teaches our popular Tarot classes, having trained and mentored several hundred students. She also teaches tea leaf reading and psychometry.  Appointments are recommended. Home parties should be booked 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability.



Jane is a psychic reader, ordained Tzaddi minister and Reiki Master who has been teaching tarot, astrology, and energy work since the 1990’s. She uses her decades of experience with tarot and astrology to show the deeper patterns that shape our lives and empower us to create a more intentional future. Her work with Guides, Angels and Akashic Records brings insight and healing to each session. Jane also hosts Motown Magickal Meetup each month to provide experiential learning opportunities on topics ranging from psychic self-defense to honoring your ancestors. She teaches on many topics at the Boston Tea Room and throughout the Midwest



The Seventh child of a seventh child – Grace was known to be gifted at an early age. Being able to see what others cannot, she started
developing her gift as an Intuitive Counselor after receiving a Masters degree in Interpersonal Relationships from WSU.

Always insightful, she specializes in relationships/couples readings, individual growth, and spirituality. Along with her clairvoyance,
Grace uses the energy and vibration of her clients to interpret and give confirmation. She uses Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards to provide a compassionate, honest, and accurate reading. She also offers Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, and Tea Leaf reading, and loves working to help people open and their Heart Chakra



Shavonne is a 4th generation intuitive reader and empath with a very down-to-earth and practical reading style that is infused with love, light, and humor. What started off as innocent, yet prophetic dreaming and an interest in all things metaphysical, evolved into a complete whirlwind of spiritual transformation. Picking up her first tarot deck at the age of 19, while attending college in New Orleans, set the stage for a life-long fascination with learning and counseling through the art of card reading. Shavonne specializes in tarot, Lenormand, oracle, and gypsy fortune-telling cards. With the support of her Spirit Guides and the ability to sense and absorb the energies of the client, she is able to sync into the situation and provide a beacon of light where darkness resides. While she doesn’t proclaim to be a medium, she has been known to connect to spirit when they make their presence felt.



Childhood gifts of intuition and clairaudience have accompanied Kim in her 20 year career as a NICU and Emergency nurse. Recognizing her gift of promoting healing on a more spiritual level along with the ability to intuitively anticipate the needs of others led Kim to become a student of tarot. Kim offers intuitive readings using tarot, oracle and angel cards delivered with honesty, humor and compassion. As Kim continues to hone her mediumship skills, she often finds spirit present in her readings and is happy to interpret their messages to guide, heal and provide insight to her clients.



Mary is what most would call a “square peg.” She came into this world knowing she was different. Still she tried her best to fit into a world that she soon found out had too narrow a view for an expansive spirit. After studying and reading tarot for 15 years, mostly for herself, she has decided to “come out” for the public! Mary offers a variety of services including: Tarot, Angel, Fortune Card, Goddess card, and Rune readings. She also offers spiritual coaching to help those who need someone to encourage them on their chosen path. Come visit Mary and unleash the Divine within you!



At the age of 5, Marcia had a near death experience, during which she encountered angels, and relatives who had crossed over before she was born. This profound experience set the stage for the rest of her life. Marcia has always been a psychic medium and grew up in a family that understood these gifts and accepted them. Marcia’s gifts have helped protect and guide her, and many others throughout her life. She has studied psychic mediumship and became a “Certified“ Psychic Medium in the Spiritualist Church. Marcia is also an ongoing student of tarot, and metaphysical studies of all kinds.
Marcia is a medium, intuitive counselor, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, who works with
her Spirit guides, tarot, angel cards and oracle cards in order to deliver focused and compassionate guidance in all areas of life.



Jesse has been an avid student and teacher of earth-based spiritual practices for many years, and her grounded and practical reading style make her a great fit for anyone seeking real-world guidance, and honest, clear insights. She works with tarot, and harnesses her psychic abilities, to deliver powerful readings that resonate for days or even many months afterward. After enjoying some time away as a newlywed, Jesse is back at Boston Tea Room, and ready to see both her old friends, an meet new ones, as well.



Born with an increased intuitive awareness, Alexandria has been a practicing psychic since 1999. After attending a University for Psychology in 1994, she began seeking a more spiritual and inspirational way to help people find the answers they were looking for. She traveled throughout North America and was taught techniques that had been passed down through generations of psychics. Feeling a powerful connection to card reading, Alexandria began incorporating cards to provide additional focus to her intuitive counseling. She uses Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand, and other methods in addition to her intuitive and psychic abilities to answer questions, improve clarity, and provide guidance about the past, present, and future.



A new resident to Michigan, Lee Ann recently moved from Asheville, North Carolina where she read tarot professionally and taught various workshops regarding tarot, meditation, magick and psychic protection. Naturally intuitive, Lee Ann has been working with Tarot and its many facets for over twenty years. She combines her knowledge of tarot with the gift of intuition to give honest, clear, and insightful readings. She feels tarot is an amazing tool to be used for spiritual growth and self-empowerment; a map toward one’s true goals and higher purpose



78 cards representing universal forces: provide insight–forecasts future probabilities


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52 playing cards used in the same way as the Tarot


Interprets images created by tea leaves. Present and future


Psychic impressions conveyed by personal object, such as keys or jewelry


Your palm maps your life–past, present, and future


Astrological influences on life and general character


Current/future possibilities. Highly psychic – less specific


Candle smoke leaves a pattern on card- reader interprets pattern


Provides answers to “Yes/No” questions with the aid of unseen forces


Hand-writing analysis Reveals personality. Detects spiritual or physical disturbances. General future trends


Psychic impressions of a person pictured in a photograph


Interprets dream symbolism to help you access subconscious prompts and increases psychic understanding



Readers have psychic insight, not super powers, so help move your reading forward by letting them know when they are on the right or wrong track.

Predictions are based on the probable outcome of your current situation.

Our readers try to avoid giving you bad news about events that can not be changed. When it is unavoidable, they try to be as tactful as possible. They will also warn you about future events that you can alter or control by exercizing your free will.

You may not hear what you’d like in a reading – that doesn’t mean that your reading isn’t accurate – wait a month or so before you decide. If you decide the reading was definitely not satisfactory please let us know so that we can address the problem.If you are ever dissatisfied in any way, please let us know. We will do our best to address your concern. We rely on you to help us be the best we can be.